Statement of Sen. Barbara Mikulski
Woodrow Wilson Bridge
June 6, 1997

The facts are beyond dispute. Marylanders see the need for a new bridge everyday. Traffic has outgrown the bridge: it now carries more than five times the original design volume. The Wilson Bridge was built for Studebakers and we are now in the age of the minivan.

I'm not here to argue about this exit ramp or that guardrail. We have experts and engineers to do that. And after years of study, we have a plan. Delay is not an option.

While I may not be a civil engineer, I can only stay civil on this issue for so long. What we need now is action by the federal government to replace its own bridge.

It's not Maryland's bridge; it's not Virginia's bridge. It's the federal government's bridge. This is the only one they got in the whole country. So you would think that they could pay a little extra special attention to their only bridge.

I will work with the Department of Transportation and my colleagues in Congress to see that the Wilson Bridge replacement starts on time and causes the least possible inconvenience to the traveling public.

But I also want everyone to know that while the Wilson Bridge may be falling down I will not fall down on my commitment to have it replaced as soon as possible.