Opening Statement by Senator Jim Inhofe Confirmation Hearing for NRC Commissioners

Thank you Mr. Chairman for calling today's confirmation hearing for Greta Dicus and Jeff Merrifield to be Commissioners at the NRC. The NRC Commission has not been fully staffed for too long and I am glad the Administration has nominated these individuals and we are moving them through the process quickly.

This is a very important time for the NRC, some long needed reforms are underway and the Commission is beginning to deal with the issue of license renewals. We need all five Commissioners on the job and I believe both of you will work diligently on the challenges ahead.

Ms. Dicus, I have only heard good things about your brief tenure on the Commission and I have confidence in your ability to meet the challenges facing the NRC.

Jeff, I have appreciated the work you have done on Superfund and I think your talents will be put to good use at the NRC.

We held our first NRC oversight hearing this past July and our next hearing is scheduled for January 28th, I look forward to you both testifying at that hearing. Thank you.