Statement of Senator Chafee

Mr. Perciasepe has been at EPA since October of 1993, when he assumed the position of Assistant Administrator for Water, as we know. Prior to serving with EPA, he was Maryland's Secretary of Environment. In that position he directed all aspects of pollution control and environmental protection in Maryland: air, water, management of hazardous and solid waste, control of sediment, erosion, storm water, and other activities such as that.

He received his B.S. degree in Environmental Sciences from Cornell and a Master's degree in planning from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. He has lectured at Johns Hopkins, Morgan State, and the University of Maryland.

Mr. Perciasepe, I indicated that it was my intention to bring up this and a series of other nominations following the first vote, which might well be at 2:30 today. It would be in the President's Room, S-216, just off the Senate Floor.

So, Mr. Perciasepe, if you want to proceed. If you have a statement, go ahead. Don't make it too long, if you would, please, because there is this vote coming up at 2:30 which will require us to attend.