MARCH 14,1997

Good morning, and welcome to all of our nominees.

Mr. Hayes, I look forward to hearing how the TVA has succeeded in keeping rates stable for 10 consecutive years while at the same time downsizing, saving more than $100 million annually and reducing green house emissions. Sounds like quite an accomplishment, and you've just been there for 3 years!

Ms. Espinosa, I look forward to hearing what ideas you have for the Udall Scholarship and Foundation as a new appointee and Mr. Rappoport, as one of the first trustees of the Udall Scholarship and Foundation, I look forward to hearing what you've accomplished in your first two and a half years and what new initiatives you think the Foundation should undertake in the next century.

You two have a great responsibility. The contributions that Mo Udall has made not only to the environment of this country but to the environmental consciousness of America are unsurpassed. Fostering that consciousness through scholarship awards and environmental policy awareness is not a only a tribute to him, but a great way to preserve his legacy.

I look forward to hearing your testimony.