Opening Statement of Senator Wayne Allard
Before the Subcommittee on Clean Air, Wetlands, Private Property, and Nuclear Safety
April 24, 1997

Thank you Mr. Chairman. Today's heairng is of great interest to me because we will focus on the nuts and bolts of the proposed regulations; first whether they will actually contribute to better health and second whether they can be implemented effectively. Also, this will allow me the opportunity to follow up on questions concerning the Grand Canyon Visibility Project Commission that I had for Administrator Browner in early February.

First, is the issue of the health benefits that have been projected if these regulations should be implemented. I believe we have given the EPA every opportunity to prove that the benefits they claim will actually occur. Instead of proving their original claims they have downgraded them and witnesses today will testify that even these revised numbers may not hold up under scrutiny. If the EPA is uncertain I think Congress has the obligation to approach their proposal with some skepticism.

Second, the implementation of these regulations could very well place too much of a burden on States and set them up for failure. My view is that EPA should not run out in front of the States' technical ability to implement Federal regulations. Further, testimony that we will hear today indicates to me that the limited technical and financial resources of State governments was not considered before these rules were proposed.

Finally, I am still concerned with regional haze issues. I have a series of questions on this matter and, should I have the time, I look forward to posing them to Ms. Nichols.

Thank you again Mr. Chairman.