Opening Statement of Senator Wayne Allard ~
Committee Hearing on Interstate Waste & Flow Control ~
March 18, 1997

Thank you Mr. Chairman. First of all Mr. Chairman I want to congratulate you for chairing the subcommittee that has the opportunity to deal with Superfund and flow control and interstate waste. You cut a shrewd deal with the other subcommittee chairs over jurisdictions.

More seriously though, flow control and interstate waste are important issues to many states and local governments. However, while I normally agree that we should respect decisions made at the local level, in this case I believe we should carefully examine the actions they have taken. By enacting flow control laws and interstate waste laws state and local government's are interfering with the free market. If their reasons aren't compelling we shouldn't ratify their actions.

The issue of flow control is the most disturbing. In this instance localities can completely subvert the free market process, if they are allowed to pass flow control laws. While I understand that there are financial considerations to flow control, I have yet to be convinced they are compelling enough to pass laws restricting free trade.

Thank you Mr. Chairman, I look forward to today's hearing.