Opening Statement For Senator Allard On Proposed Clean Air Regulations
February 5, 1997

Thank you Mr. Chairman, I appreciate today's hearing and hope that we can "clear the air" on at least the science aspect of these regulations so we can address the policy with Administrator Browner next week.

I think today's hearing will be the most important hearing on this issue because it focuses on the science. I hope today we can walk away from this hearing having cleared up the factual disputes over the science of this regulation. If this occurs then we can either enter into a policy discussion with administrator browner next week or we can decide to get out of the way and allow the epa to do their work.

However, if today's hearing does not clear up whether the science is sufficient, next week we will have the opportunity to follow up today's discussion with Carol Browner. In any event I look forward to listening and learning from all of our present and future witnesses because learning is what this process is all about. Over the past several weeks I have contacted local elected officials in colorado and also outside scientists. they have certainly helped me understand the importance of this issue to colorado and the nation.

Mr. Chairman, once again thank you for calling these hearings.