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Video and Transcript: Sen. Inhofe Questions EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson - Part 2
February 23, 2010

 Posted by: David Lungren


Senator Inhofe: “I believe…” Where’s that chart?  This is the chart where we were showing during the last hearing – one of the last hearings, we had about 40 hearings on this – that the US action alone will not impact the CO2 levels.  Your quote was, “I believe the central parts of the EPA chart,” this chart right here, “are that the US action alone would not impact world CO2 levels.”  Now, that’s a statement I think we all agree on, and it complicates this.  Because when you talk to normal people, I’m talking about people outside of Washington, and you point out to them, that even if we were willing to pass some kind of cap-and-trade legislation, or do it legislatively or do it through the Administration, that it’s going to cost all the jobs – people will deny this on the other side, but MIT, the Wharton school, CRA, all of them agree – that this would constitute something like a 3-400 billion dollar tax increase on the American people, that it would destroy our economy, and with all of that in mind, I would just say this – I’m going to save this for the second round of questions, but I want you to be thinking about it.  How in the world can we justify doing something administratively that the Congress overwhelmingly rejected, that the United States Senate did, and saying defiantly, “We don’t care what you say, Congress, we are going to go ahead and do it under the Clean Air Act, we’re going to make the endangerment finding,” in spite of the fact that the endangerment finding by your own admission is due to the science from the IPCC.  Now, that’s what I’m going to be talking about in the next round of questions.

Administrator Jackson: Do you want me to answer now? Or wait til the next round?

Senator Inhofe: Sure.

Senator Boxer: I think you should answer the questions.

Administrator Jackson: I will be brief, and we will talk about it in the next round, Senator.  But, just to be clear, the Supreme Court, the law of the land, found that greenhouse gases are a pollutant, they ordered EPA to make a determination as to whether they…

Senator Inhofe: They didn’t order, they said “You have three choices.” Isn’t that correct?

Administrator Jackson: They said that EPA can, must make a determination…

Senator Inhofe: Can. You said it right the first time.

Administrator Jackson: …whether or not, must make a determination whether or not greenhouse gases endanger human health and welfare.  And rather than ignore that obligation, I chose as Administrator, and I believe I had no choice but to follow the law. 


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