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VIDEO: Oklahoma Matters with Ed Kelley: Ethanol has given Jim Inhofe a strange bedfellow
February 3, 2011

Posted by Matt Dempsey

Oklahoma Matters with Ed Kelley:

Tag Team: Ethanol has given Jim Inhofe a strange bedfellow



Ed Kelley:  Ethanol has given Jim Inhofe a strange bedfellow. Oklahoma's senior senator is teaming up with a liberal group called Friends of the Earth to take on the boondoggle of ethanol.  The motives of Inhofe and the lobby group certainly are different.  According to the Tulsa World, Inhofe opposes a recent decision by the federal government to allow gasoline with more than 10% ethanol to be sold in newer vehicles.  Meanwhile Friends of the Earth hate ethanol because it may cause global warming, which makes the alliance between the Friends and Inhofe even more interesting: that's because no member of congress has fought harder against the prospect of global warming than Jim Inhofe.  A spokesman for Friends of the Earth welcomes Inhofe opposition to ethanol, even if for different reasons.  She cites the often quoted phrase that in Washington there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Well I'm not so sure about that, but Inhofe's newest admirers can obviously say what they want. 

This is a good issue for Inhofe or really any other senator outside the corn-belt.  Billions of dollars have been spent on ethanol subsidies with little to show for it. The only reason ethanol remains an issue is because of corn-happy Iowa, and its presidential caucus is the first in the nation every four years. Candidates go to Iowa and pander to just about everything, and corn-based ethanol is high on the list.  Even global warming disciple Al Gore admits he supported ethanol in his presidential run because of Iowa's importance in the campaign.  Inhofe told Tulsa World he has a commitment from California Senator Barbara Boxer to hold a hearing on ethanol as it relates to gas in your tank.  If the hearing occurs, then Inhofe is a hero, if only for a while, to the global warming crowd-and who would have thunk that?

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