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WHAT WARMING? Both Hemispheres Report Unusual Cold and Snow
May 23, 2007

Posted By Marc Morano – Marc_Morano@EPW.Senate.Gov - 6:55 PM ET

The media loves to seize on every warm winter day or summer heat wave as some kind of “proof” of man-made catastrophic global warming.  But what the establishment media likes to conveniently ignore is periods of unusual cold or snow. (See post: “Hysterical Global Warming Hypocrisy From ABC Regarding Heat Waves and Cold Snaps” )  Several nations on Earth are currently experiencing rather cold and snowy weather at the moment.

[Note: The mainstream media also loves to ignore the sea change occurring in the scientific community as many scientists who once believed in man-made climate doom now have reversed themselves and are skeptical.] (See EPW Blog: Prominent Scientists Reverse Belief in Man-made Global Warming - Now Skeptics )

The below articles detail some of the unusual cold and snow occurring at the moment.  One article below chronicles the Memorial Day snow advisory for the Colorado Mountains where up to 8 inches is expected. (and this after the Denver area received “one of the snowiest winters on record” in 2007.) 

Parts of Wyoming are also being buried under a snowstorm while winter weather is persisting in Oregon and parts of Canada. A huge snowstorm in China has closed highways and stranded motorists. In addition, South Africa just set 54 new cold weather records with some parts seeing snow for the first time in 33 years as snow and ice continue to fall. Finally, winter has arrived early in Australia as the snow season is off to a promising start for the winter recreation industry.

Now the question is, will the same media that sensationalizes every warm weather event to promote climate alarmism, highlight the current icy grip of winter for many areas?

Articles from past few days beg question -WHAT WARMING?

Colorado Mountains under Memorial Day snow advisory, up to 8 inches expected

Denver had “one of the snowiest winters on record.”

California seawater temperatures are unusually cold

Family stranded in Oregon snow found OK

Highways closed, motorists stranded as snow buries China

A taste of winter; Freezing rain, snow hits parts of Canada

Heavy snow forecast for Wyoming Mountains

Winter arrives early as Australia's snow season off to promising start

South Africa sets 54 cold weather records as snow and ice continue

First snow in parts of South Africa in 33 years leaves poor out in cold

Cold causes power cuts in Pretoria

21 killed as South African cold snap persists

Homeless bear the brunt of the S. African big chill

Cold affects S. African vegetable trade

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