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Incorrect Claims About API's Influence With EPA
February 6, 2007

During today’s EPW Committee hearing, “Hearing on Oversight of Recent EPA Decisions,” Gina Solomon, of the environmental special interest group Natural Resources Defense Council, charged that that the EPA, in making process changes to the NAQQS process, did so on the recommendations by the American Petroleum Association (API).  Solomon claimed that API was “quite involved in recommending this process change.”

FACT: The attached charts show these claims are false. Senator Inhofe pointed out during the hearing that of the seven recommendations made by API, the EPA only followed one recommendation in its entirety and another recommendation only partially.  Furthermore, the only API recommendation fully accepted by the EPA was identical to the recommendation by the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC).  The EPA, in fact, accepted four out of five recommendations made by CASAC in their entirety.

Click on the icon below to view the charts referred to by Senator Inhofe during the EPW hearing.




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