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Inhofe: EPA 'punting' regs until after election that 'spell doom' for jobs, economy
October 22, 2012

Posted by Matt Dempsey



FOXNEWS: Inhofe: EPA 'punting' regs until after election that 'spell doom' for jobs, economy: Republican Sen. James Inhofe says the Environmental Protection Agency has delayed action or “punted” on numerous regulations while President Obama tries to “earn votes” for a second term. The Oklahoma senator and ranking Republican on the chamber’s Committee on Environment and Public Works has released a report stating that when the agency approves the roughly one dozen regulations next year in 2013, they will “spell doom” for jobs and economic growth… Obama's campaign referred a request for comment to the administration.



GREENWIRE: Inhofe says Obama plans post-election 'regulatory onslaught': It's a somewhat new angle from Republicans, who have spent the past few years criticizing Obama for issuing too many expensive regulations that they say kill jobs. Environmental groups, on the other hand, have accused the White House of holding up important rules in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. But in the report, Republicans characterize the Obama administration as a vehicle for the "radical environmental left," with EPA officials waiting to fully pursue their anti-fossil-fuel agenda until after the election. Among the report's list of upcoming regulations, the agency's boiler MACT makes the cut, as does the federal government's efforts to regulate hydraulic fracturing. Such rules would create a "regulatory onslaught that will drive up energy prices, destroy millions of jobs, and further weaken the economy," the report states. An EPA spokeswoman declined to comment.


INSIDEEPA: Inhofe Says Post-Election EPA Rules Will Shutter Fossil Fuel Production: The report also cites promises allegedly made by former White House climate and energy czar Carol Browner to environmental supporters on a recent call telling them not to worry about the unfinished agenda because Obama is committed to the cause in a second term. “This report is a wake-up call on the economic pain that the 'abusive' Obama EPA plans to inflict next year,” Inhofe says. “It reveals a president who is more concerned about saving his own job than the millions of Americans who are looking for one today.” Inside EPA reported in July that EPA completed most of its controversial work early this year while killing or delaying other regulations until after the election. “I think we all understand there are political windows that are better and others that are worse,” one environmentalist said…EPA did not respond to a request for comment.


DAILYCALLER: Sen. Inhofe warns of unfettered EPA in second Obama term: According to the senator, Obama has moved more to the center with his rhetoric on environmental regulations and away from the far left environmental movement to appeal to voters who are concerned about the economy and their pocketbooks. But during a “second term, he’s made the commitment” to moving his environmental policy back to the left, Inhofe said. “They are all jumping on him. All the Al Gore people, the elites, the MoveOn.orgs, saying, ‘You had control of the House and the Senate you still didn’t do it.’ And he says ‘wait until I get past this election and then I’ll do it.’”


WASHINGTONEXAMINER: Obama Washington Wink-Winking like crazy at EPA: This week, the Columbia Journalism Review and Pro Publica released a report stating that Obama has proved more secretive in some respects than his immediate predecessor in the Oval Office, George W. Bush. One of those quoted by CJR/PP is Society of Environmental Journalists President Ken Ward Jr., a staff reporter for the Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette, who tweeted this yesterday: "The Obama EPA is the most difficult to get information and answers out of that I've covered in 20 years." That's the kind of transparency we get from politicians who do the Washington Wink-Wink.


HERITAGE: Report: EPA Delaying Job-Killing Regulations to Aid Obama Re-Election: The decision to delay implementation of these rules is part of what the New York Times called a “new calculus on political and policy shifts as the White House sharpens its focus on the president’s re-election.” Tensions between the White House and top environmental regulators flared when the president announced he would delay an EPA rule on ozone emissions until after the election. EPA chief Lisa Jackson was livid, but the president assured her that he would move forward with the rule after the election. Inhofe’s report presents that decision as part of a coordinated strategy to achieve punitive environmental regulations without suffering significant setbacks at the ballot box.


CNSNEWS: Report: 'EPA Rules Placed On Hold until after the Election Spell Doom for Jobs and Economic Growth': A new EPW Minority Report provides “A Look Ahead to EPA Regulations for 2013: Numerous Obama EPA Rules Placed On Hold until after the Election Spell Doom for Jobs and Economic Growth.” The report enumerates the slew of environmental regulations that the report says the Obama-Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has delayed or punted before the election while President Obama is trying to earn votes; but the Obama-EPA plans to move full speed ahead to implement this agenda if President Obama wins a second term. The report concludes that these rules taken together will inevitably result in the elimination of millions of American jobs, drive up the price of gas at the pump even more, impose construction bans on local communities, and essentially shut down American oil, natural gas, and coal production.





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