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A Deal on Menendez Oil Spill Liability?
June 29, 2010

Posted by Matt Dempsey

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June 29, 2010   

By Coral Davenport  

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 –Jim Inhofe, ranking Republican on Environment and Public Works and one of the oil industry’s best friends on the Hill, says he’s ready to make a deal with Dems on a spill liability bill. On Wednesday, EPW will mark up New Jersey Dem. Robert Menendez’ Big Oil Bailout Prevention Act, which would eliminate the $75 million limit on damages oil companies must pay in the case of a disaster like the one now unfolding in the Gulf. Menendez’ bill is the toughest of many oil liability cap measures now floating around the Hill – others would keep the cap but raise to up to $10 billion or $20 billion, and oil companies have been fighting hard against the prospect of unlimited liabilities. But Inhofe’s office said Monday that they could back Menendez’ bill – IF Dems add on an Inhofe amendment that would instead allow the President to set a liability cap on a case-by-case basis, using an Inhofe-provided set of guidelines.

“This could be a way to broker compromise,” Inhofe’s spokesman Matt Dempsey told Morning Energy. “We’ve got something that in the next 24 hours has the potential to be a big deal.” It also appears to have potential to be a political football. Liberal Dems are unlikely be comfortable letting Inhofe frame oil reg. guidelines, but Rs are likely to paint a rejection of the offer as partisan politics.

Here is the bill and Menendez’ remarks on it Here’s Inhofe’s amendment\



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