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Two-thirds of Americans are Ready to Embrace Nuclear Energy
June 12, 2008


Two-thirds of Americans are Ready to Embrace Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy opponents frequently claim that the American people are fearful of the emission free energy source and do not support the expansion of new plants.

FACT: A June 6, 2008, poll conducted by Zogby Interactive shows that 67% of Americans support construction of new nuclear plants in the U.S. Those surveyed were far more likely to support construction of a nuclear plant in their community over a fossil-fueled power plant, 43% to 26%. "As a new summer and warm temperatures threaten to strain the nation’s aging electricity generation system, two-thirds of Americans (67%) said they support the construction of new nuclear power plants in the U.S., with nearly half (46%) who indicated strong support for new nuclear plants," the Zogby poll reported.

It’s no surprise, since nuclear provides safe, reliable, cost-effective energy without emitting air pollution. According to the Center for Global Development, nuclear plants make up 23 of the 25 largest "near-zero-emitting" plants in the U.S.

These obvious benefits are prompting some policymakers, the media, and even some environmental groups to rethink the nuclear option.

A June 9 article in Agence France-Presse titled "World major economies see new nuclear dawn" reported, "Top economic powers have declared that the world is entering a new era of nuclear energy." The article noted that "Italy said it would begin building nuclear power stations, reversing a 20-year ban." John Hutton, Britain's energy secretary said, "We are on the verge of a new nuclear age." U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman added, "We are really on the verge of a very substantial increase in the number of nuclear power plants." (LINK)

Others have joined in the growing chorus for expanding nuclear energy.

"I think nuclear power has a great future, and we should look at it again," said California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at a The Wall Street Journal conference earlier this year. Schwarzenegger urged an end to "just looking the other way and living in denial" about nuclear energy. (LINK)

WIRED magazine said on May 19, 2008, that "Nukes win": "You can worry about radioactive waste or proliferating weapons. You can complain about the high cost of construction and decommissioning. But the reality is that every serious effort at carbon accounting reaches the same conclusion: Nukes win. Only wind comes close — and that's when it's blowing." (LINK)

The San Diego Union-Tribune published a March 21, 2008, editorial which noted: "Alas, as we saw this week, there are still some state Democrats stuck in the past, lawmakers who think ‘The China Syndrome’ is in its third decade at the movieplex and that nuclear power is an unspeakable villain on a par with perverts who torture animals."(LINK)

The Rocky Mountain News published in an editorial on June 10: "But rising crude prices have prodded Saudi Arabia to launch a civilian nuclear program. If oil barons atop some of the world's largest petroleum reserves consider nuclear power a competitive energy source, U.S. opponents of a safe, clean form of power that now provides 20 percent of domestic electricity supplies look increasingly out of touch. (LINK)

With U.S. electricity needs predicted to grow 30% by 2030, our country will need more generating plants of every kind to keep the lights on and our economy growing.

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