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Transcript of Inhofe Interview on the Glenn Beck Show
January 31, 2007

Posted by Matt Dempsey (11:06am ET)

Senator Inhofe discussed the issue of global warming last night ( January 30, 2007) on the "Glenn Beck" show on CNN Headline News. "Glenn Beck" airs daily at 7 p.m. and replays at 9 p.m. and midnight. (All times Eastern.)

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Below is the transcript of the interview, video will be available soon:
Today, the Senate held its first global warming hearing of the year. I don`t know about you, but I`m sick of this whole global warming thing. I almost can`t put the damn thing into words.

In case you haven`t seen this program before, let me say -- let me tell you where I stand on global warming. Yes, something is happening with the weather. The globe is getting warm in some areas, colder in others. It`s been crazy. Something clearly is going on.

I`m just not convinced that it`s man`s fault. It might be, not so sure. Some studies suggest that cows are responsible for more globally harmful emissions than man. Is that so? I don`t know. What do you say we have a steak and talk about it?

What I am sure about is it makes no sense for America to sacrifice in the name of global warming when a nation like China will pump more carbon emissions into the air in the next 15 years than three billion Ford Expeditions being driven for a total of 45 trillion miles. I am not kidding, and that`s just from coal alone.

California Senator Barbara Boxer is in charge of these hearings. I wish her luck. You know, not only the questions about the science, but think about this. Congress used to be controlled by moderate Republicans. Now it`s controlled by moderate Democrats. A wash or a nightmare?

Senator James Inhofe is a Republican from Oklahoma.

Senator, how was your first day with these Senate hearings?

SEN. JAMES INHOFE (R), OKLAHOMA: Hey, Glenn, we talked about this once before.

BECK: Yes.

INHOFE: And I chaired that committee for four years, and now Barbara Boxer is chairing it. And you know, there`s just -- there`s just a euphoric attitude that somehow, because they`re chairing things, people are going to believe this hype out there that`s coming from the liberals.

And by the way, you mentioned this thing about livestock emitting more of the greenhouse gasses than manmade gasses, and that came from the United Nations, the same ones who have the fourth assessment coming up on Friday of this week.

So here they come up, and they also said that the -- and this is, again, the people who are responsible for this whole thing were the United Nations. And they`re now saying in this report that the -- that they`ve downgraded the contribution that is made by man to -- to the greenhouse gasses by 25 percent.

BECK: You know, this is what kills me is you can`t question this at all. I mean, I was called -- Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called me last week or two weeks ago a fascist for questioning global warming.

INHOFE: I`m glad I`m not the only guy. They`ve been calling me everything.

BECK: That guy is incredible. Senator, help me out. I must have mislearned the definition of the word fascist.


BECK: But I`m questioning, and you`re not even allowed to question these things anymore.

INHOFE: Right. You`re not allowed to question it, and I`ll tell you what. The reason is -- you may not have really gotten onto this -- the scientists in the last four years have been coming over in droves, saying that there is no scientific evidence.

Let me give you one example, because your listeners a lot of them have heard a guy named Claude Allegra. He`s a French geophysicist, a member of the -- both the French and the American Academy of Sciences. He was one of them marching in the streets talking about global warming, it`s all man`s fault.

But he has studied it now, reversed his position and listen to his one-sentence statement. He said, "The cause of warming it unknown. The proponents of manmade catastrophic global warming are being motivated by money."

If you -- and if you look what happened last week with Heidi Cullen, sure she`s motivated by money. What happens to her ratings if all of a sudden people realize that there`s some -- a lot of doubt as to the science behind this thing.

BECK: I will tell you, Senator, that John Kerry was out, you know, overseas this last weekend, and he was saying, you know, we`ve done more damage because we wouldn`t sign the Kyoto treaty.

It wasn`t -- the Clinton administration didn`t put that one through. He was part of the Senate at the time when nobody, you know, wanted to be involved with the Kyoto treaty, because it`s -- we`re not on par with other countries. China wouldn`t have had to change their behavior.

INHOFE: See, China in the year 2009 will pass this up as the No. 1 emitter of CO2, and they -- they`re laughing at us. We`re the laughing stock of those countries that are developing nations. They say we have no intention of doing it.

Let me give you one statistic. And you`re talking about Barbara Boxer out in California. I don`t believe there is one coal-fired generating plant for electricity in California. The Chinese are cranking out one every three days. Now if you want to find ourselves in a position where we no longer have any energy over here, that`s -- that`s the motivation behind a lot of these people.

BECK: Senator, is it true that man is responsible for only 2 percent of the CO2s that are floating around us?

INHOFE: That`s consistent even with Al Gore`s -- his own scientist. His name is Tom Wiggly (ph). He said that in the event we all comply with Kyoto, all the developed nations for the next 50 years, it will only bring the temperature down 6/100 of 1 degrees Celsius. That`s not even measurable. So the answer is yes.

BECK: Senator, we`re going to do a special on global warming soon. How dead are we when we put that on the air? Will I have a job the next day?

INHOFE: Well, you stopped and look what`s happening on the Weather Channel. I don`t know.

BECK: I don`t know. Senator, best of luck. Thank you very much.




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