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New Study Shows Environmental and Health Advantages of Coal-to-Liquids
May 10, 2007

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A new study released yesterday, May 9, 2007, conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL), shows the environmental and public health advantages of coal-to liquids (CTL). The study looked at Baard Energy’s Ohio River Clean Fuels project currently under development in Wellsville, Ohio. Baard Energy’s project will produce ultra-clean liquid transportation fuels through the gasification and processing of domestic coal.

While CTL enjoys bi-partisan support in Congress for energy security reasons, the new study highlights additional reasons for supporting CTL – environmental and public health benefits. According to the study, CTL will reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide by more than 80 percent and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 20 percent. In addition, INL found that Baard’s CTL fuel will reduce particulate matter emissions by nearly 20 percent, slash emissions of volatile organic compounds by close to 20 percent and also reduce emissions of carbon monoxide.

A complete copy of the INL CTL study is available here. 

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