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New ACNielsen Poll: 50% Of Those Polled Don't Believe Global Warming Caused by Human Activity
January 30, 2007

Posted by Marc Morano (3:24PM ET)

The world has been subjected to nearly three decades of global warming alarmism by the UN, environmental groups, Hollywood celebrities and the news media.

And guess what?

People are not buying the hype and the media is now falling over backwards trying to spin that simple fact.

On Monday, an international ACNielsen Internet poll found that 50% of those polled do not believe global warming is caused by human activity.

Reuters news sent out a wire article hyping the fact that thirteen percent of Americans had never heard of global warming according to the poll. The media only seems to like polling data that supports it’s one-sided advocacy on climate fears. For a detailed analysis see the article by Noel Sheppard (Reuters Buries Key Finding in Global Warming Poll: Americans Aren’t Buying It (Link: )

Also, here is the link to the original Reuters article on the poll. (Link: )

This polling data also comports with past polls showing American’s equally split on whether humans are the driving force of climate change. Senator Inhofe cited in his September 25, 2006 speech, "Hot & Cold Media Spin: A Challenge To Journalists Who Cover Global Warming" an August 2005 Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll found that the number of Americans who believe global warming is naturally occurring is on the rise. See:


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