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VIDEO: Inhofe turns tables on global warming ambushers - and gets it on tape (Daily Caller)
February 18, 2011

Posted by Matt Dempsey

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Daily Caller

Sen. Inhofe turns tables on global warming ambushers - and gets it on tape [VIDEO]

By Caroline May - The Daily Caller  

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Ambush journalism tactics are often effective, unless, of course, the target is as on his game as Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe. In recently released footage, a pack of global warming alarmists, led by journalist Mark Hertsgaard, attempt to surprise Inhofe after waiting an hour and a half outside a hearing of the Committee on Environment and Public Works.

In late January Hertsgaard explained his big scheme to "confront the climate cranks" in an article in The Nation."Our plan is to confront the climate cranks face to face, on camera, and call them to account for the dangers they have set in motion. We will highlight the ludicrousness of their antiscientific views, which alone should discredit them from further influence over US climate policies," he wrote.

The tables were turned, however, when instead of making Inhofe - whose cause celeb has been questioning the global warming agenda - look foolish, the senator made mince meat of his would-be ambusher. Fortunately, Matt Dempsey, Inhofe's communication's director, was there to catch it all on camera. Mark Hertsgaard later posted his own, highly edited version on his website. Not surprisingly, the full version tells a much different story than the edited version.

In the unedited footage, Inhofe goes back and forth with Hertsgaard about the veracity of climate science, refuting Hertsgaard's claim that all scientists agree that global warming is man-made by citing the scads of scientists who have come out in opposition to that claim...

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The Failure of #Climatecranks

"How to Fail at an Ambush" - "Who are you Calling a Climate Crank, Nut Job" -- "Efforts to Fight Spin with Spin Seem to Have Spun out of Control"

Fox: Global Warming Nuts Try to Ambush Sen. Inhofe...Fail: Global warming alarmists led by Mark Hertsgaard attempted to ambush Senator Inhofe following a hearing this morning. See for yourself who ended up winning the argument.

The Economist: Who are you calling a climate crank, nut job?:  "Environmentalists efforts to fight spin with spin seem to have spun out of control. The Twitter hashtag created to publicize Tuesday's event, #climatecranks, was used in nearly equal measure by both Mark Hertsgaard, the environmental correspondent for the Nation who coined the phrase and led the action, and an opponent of greenhouse-gas regulations, who co-opted it to heckle him."

Leo Hickman (Guardian): "I worry they will easily dismiss your valid efforts because you call them ‘cranks'".  "But guess who wins the war for the public's hearts and minds? Give them a crumb and, as we both know, they will quickly fashion it into a mountain with the result that your main message is drowned out in the noise they have whipped up. I sincerely hope you do manage to get these people with obvious vested interests defending their anti-science stance on camera, but, as I argue in the article above, I worry they will easily dismiss your valid efforts because you call them "cranks". Why give them a free hit when your argument is already so compelling?"

David Appell: Quark Soup: "A Real Turn-Off": For some reason Mark Hertsgaard has decided he must confront climate change denialists, on camera. Do you find these as uncomfortable to watch as I do? What does Hertsgaard think he is going to accomplish by such guerrilla journalism? I know he's trying to sell a new book, and has decided his daughter should help him do that....But these kind of tactics won't convince anyone who isn't already in the choir. Most people, I suspect, find it a real turn-off. I do.

Guardian: The need for caution when 'calling out the climate cranks': ‎ Just what the climate debate doesn't need: a new moniker for those who do not accept the mainstream scientific view of anthropogenic climate change. According to environmental activists planning a day of protests across the US tomorrow, "climate crank" is set to be the latest name added to the growing list - self-appointed, or otherwise - which already includes sceptic, denier, contrarian, realist, dissenter, flat-earther, misinformer, and confusionist... It will be interesting to see who they manage to confront on camera. I certainly endorse any effort to expose and challenge those with a vested interest in ignoring the science - one only has to witness Senator James Inhofe's performance last week to see why this is so necessary - but, if I'm honest, I'm left wondering whether this new exercise in name-calling will only serve to distract from the important task at hand.

Andrew Revkin, NYTIMES Dot Earth Blog: "I don’t see this [Hertsgaard] approach to activism being a productive way forward on climate and energy, particularly for young people seeking a meaningful role in fostering progress that can fit on a finite planet."  

Randy Olson: "What do these guys think they are doing with this video ambush? They have no clue about the superficiality of video. It’s about what Malcolm Gladwell talks about in “Blink” — it only takes a few seconds of video to make up most of your mind about someone and what they have to say. In the same way that the guy at the end says, “The science doesn’t matter,” similarly, for the most part, the words don’t matter in a video like this — this is not a written article where readers will carefully digest the words. It’s a video where the viewer quickly passes judgment on the characters on screen. What you see here is a self-righteous guy with a pack of associated whiners ambushing a soft spoken grandfatherly Senator in the mold of Ronald Reagan. In the pack is a terse young woman with an accusatory tone. Who cares what the issue is, her whole presence is over-bearing and irritating. Who cares what they’re saying. I don’t in any way support the grandfather, but I feel bad that he has to put up with this..."

Reuters: "Tuesday's event to confront ‘climate cranks' - coordinated by partners including the Sierra Club,, the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and The Nation - offered a lesson to budding activists on staking out politicians and a chance for Hertsgaard to vent. Throughout the day, the energetic author was trailed by four young local organizers, a couple of communications specialists and three videographers."

RedState: Open Thread: Inhofe's Green Ambush: As reported this afternoon at RedState by diarist russellc, and in light of my earlier post featuring Ann McElhinney, here is Senator Inhofe in a similar green ambush from yesterday. Nicely done.

American Spectator: How to Fail at an Ambush:  Ambush Sen. Inhofe about something he knows more about than you.This fellow (who rather persistently e-pursued me for a spell a couple of years back) actually tried the '98% of scientists' thing! Dude. That's the problem with passing along talking points cranked out by others. You've no idea what you're saying. Read a little more.If you can take it, listen to the palliatives coming out of (particularly) the youg lady insisting that she is too here to speaking "on behalf of all young people". Imagine the gasps back at the Mother Ship when the population nuts see the greenie congratulate the senator on his fecundity.


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