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Clearing up Myths About EPA Library Modernization - Makes Information MORE Accessible, Not Less
March 8, 2007

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being accused by Senate Democrats of cutting the flow of information and limiting access to information in its agency run libraries. The EPA’s library modernization program is being portrayed as restricting the public’s right to know about environmental issues and EPA administrative actions.

At a February 6, 2007 EPW hearing, Administrator Steve Johnson was asked to respond to emails he had not had the opportunity to review from EPA employees critical of EPA’s library plan. One email alleged that the EPA Region 4 Library in Atlanta had closed. Another email alleged that the EPA library at Ft. Meade, Maryland had closed.

FACT: The truth is the EPA Region 4 library in Atlanta remains fully open to the public and EPA employees with regular operating hours each day. The EPA facility at Ft. Meade is not part of the EPA library network. The facility at Ft. Meade is an EPA laboratory which contained a 10ft. by 20ft. reference room. Although this information is now available online, all reference information physically remains available through the EPA Region 3 Library located in Philadelphia.

EPA library modernization makes information MORE Accessible, not less. The EPA’s new library modernization process will make information available to the public, with an emphasis for online availability.

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