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Fred Barnes Discusses Inhofe's Gas PRICE Act on Fox News (Special Report with Brit Hume, Fox News Channel, June 13, 2007)
June 14, 2007

Posted by Matt Dempsey (3:00pm ET)



Watch the video clip on YouTube now
Inhofe EPW Press Blog:

Last night, June 13, 2007 on Special Report with Brit Hume, Fred Barnes discussed the need for Congress to support Senator Inhofe’s Gas PRICE Act in order to increase domestic refining capacity. Charles Krauthammer also weighed in on the energy bill’s major shortcomings. Watch the video on YouTube now. The Senate voted yesterday on the Inhofe bill as an amendment to the energy bill now being considered in the Senate –and every Democrat voted against it.

The Gas PRICE Act which is designed to ease America’s soaring gas prices, address true energy independence and increase refinery capacity, was first introduced on May 24, 2007 by Senator Inhofe. The Gas Price Act would improve the permitting process for the expansion of existing and construction of new domestic fuels facilities, as well as encourage and fund the development of future fuels including coal-to-liquids and cellulosic biomass ethanol. In addition, the Act would provide for a more stable and certain regulatory environment and it would have numerous economic benefits including locating refineries in distressed communities.

Following the vote yesterday, Senator Inhofe made the following statement:

"Passage of my amendment, the Gas PRICE Act, would have gone a long way in decreasing America’s dependence on foreign oil and help bring down prices at the pump," Senator Inhofe said. "Unfortunately, Democrats chose to play politics with the pocket books of American consumers and rejected this common sense amendment.

"Today, the Democrats rejected an amendment that would have significantly helped reduce the cost of gas at the pump -- an issue that is sure to dominate in the 2008 presidential election. Americans are paying more at the pump today because we do not have the domestic capacity to produce domestic fuels consumers demand. The American public is starving for affordable energy and it appears the Democrats' only answer is to tell them to go on a diet. It is imperative for the national security of this country that we increase production at home. Despite the rhetoric by some Democratic leaders about energy independence, they continue to oppose measures that would address key factors in helping America achieve that goal. This will come back to haunt the Democrats as a major issue in 2008.

"My home state of Oklahoma has long been a leader in oil and gas supply, and today it is also a leader in innovating and providing transportation fuels for the future. Passage of my amendment would have promoted building of coal-to-liquids and commercial scale cellulosic ethanol facilities in Oklahoma and across the country."





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