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Eye on the EPA: Lifting the Veil of Secrecy
April 18, 2013

Following last week's nomination hearing for Gina McCarthy to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the EPW Republican Senators reiterated five concerns they have with the Agency and the expected responses to ensure transparency is more than a buzzword, and hopefully restore public confidence that the EPA will stop undermining public trust behind a veil of secrecy.

EPA is running a complex scheme of secret settlement negotiations, sometimes using alias or private email accounts, abusing the Freedom of Information Act, and keeping their scientific data hidden while feigning true economic analysis. The EPA is clearly afraid of being transparent, which defies all the promises of President Obama, former Administrator Lisa Jackson, and the nominee McCarthy.

If you're curious how the EPA is getting away with issuing their expensive regulations, and hiding critical information from the public, then tune in next week as the EPW Committee Republicans will explain this abuse of power and why it exists within our federal government.

Below is the list of the five transparency requests repeatedly made of EPA. The Committee Republicans will share how and why EPA is shunning the law and implementing each one of these tactics, their secret coordination with far-left environmental groups, and why the data remains hidden. Could it be that EPA doesn't want to respond to the majority of these requests is because they know their secret and dishonest efforts will have to come to an end?

Five Underlying Transparency Requests

1. Request: The EPA will commit to a new guidance to ensure official business is conducted solely on official government e-mail accounts

2. Request: Release exchanges in which private e-mail accounts were used to conduct official business

3. Request: Share the secret data that forms the basis of new rules and regulations

4. Request: The EPA will provide written assurances that future rule-making will have economy-wide analyses

5. Request: That EPA make notices of intent to sue, petitions for rulemaking or new guidance tracked, listed, and publicly available on the Agency's website and is regularly updated


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