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VIDEO: Inhofe: Strong Bipartisan Majority in Congress Supports Stopping Obama Cap-and-Trade Agenda
With your help, we can finally put an end to the EPA’s cap-and-trade agenda.
April 1, 2011

Posted by Matt Dempsey  

  Strong Bipartisan Majority in Congress Supports Stopping Obama Cap-and-Trade Agenda 





Hello, I am Jim Inhofe, Republican Senator from Oklahoma, and the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.


Today I have some good news to share with you: We have an overwhelming bipartisan majority in the United States Senate opposed to the Obama-EPA cap-and-trade agenda.    


For almost ten years, I successfully worked to stop cap-and-trade legislation. Now, President Obama is trying to do through regulation, what he couldn’t do through legislation.


Therefore, two weeks ago, Senator McConnell, the Minority Leader in the Senate and I introduced my bill as an amendment to stop EPA’s cap-and-trade regulations.


Majority Leader Reid announced that very day that we would have a vote. Of course, he soon heard from a number of his Democrats colleagues urging him not to do it.


What we now know is that several Senate Democrats are faced with a tough choice: either support President Obama’s cap-and-trade agenda to make gasoline and electricity more expensive, or stand with consumers, small businesses, farmer, and ranchers who are demanding affordable energy.


This really isn’t a choice. Democrats know they can’t stand with the President’s energy policy publically – it simply doesn’t sell back home. So they are trying to have it both ways.


Since my bill was offered on the Senate Floor, Democrats have introduced three alternative amendments, all of which admit that EPA will harm consumers, farmers, small businesses, auto makers, coal-fired power plants, and manufacturers. But none of them will actually stop the harm. 


That’s because these are what the newspaper Politico referred to as “cover amendments.”  What does that mean?  It means Democrats have designed amendments that create the appearance of getting tough on EPA, that they are “going to bat” for their constituents.  But at the same time, they want to keep President Obama happy, so they end up keeping his anti-energy cap-and-trade agenda in place. So farmers and all those who will be harmed by this agenda are left hanging out to dry.


The point of my bill is simple and straightforward: EPA’s cap-and-trade agenda should be repealed.  We know the reasons for this.  My friend Sen. Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia, who is also a cosponsor of my bill, said it best recently.  He said, quote, “EPA has totally overstepped its boundaries.”  He also said, quote, “It was never an agency put in a position to the create public policy that’s going to affect us and change our way of life.”


Sen. Manchin is right.  Whether you live in West Virginia, or Ohio, or Michigan, or Missouri, or Oklahoma, if we don’t stop EPA, it will change our way of life, it will make energy less affordable, less reliable, and put our security and our economy at risk.  


I want you to know that my bill is moving quickly in the House, and I believe it will pass with overwhelming bipartisan support next week.


Here is where I need your help: I need you to tell your Senator to stop EPA and vote for the Inhofe-McConnell amendment.  I also need you to spread the word that the Democrats’ amendments don’t do anything—they allow EPA to continue its attack on affordable energy. 


So the path ahead is straightforward: If you want to avoid construction bans; if you want to prevent energy taxes on farmers, consumers, and small business; if you want to stop a $300 billion tax increase; if you want to stop EPA’s unprecedented regulatory expansion; if you want to block California and EPA from deciding what kind of car you drive; and if you want Congress to decide the nation’s climate change policy, then tell your senator to vote for the Inhofe-McConnell amendment. 


With your help, we can finally put an end to the EPA’s cap-and-trade agenda. 


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