Hearings - Hearing
Subcommittee on Superfund and Waste Management
Oversight Hearing on the Superfund Program
Thursday, June 15, 2006
09:30 AM
SD-106 Dirksen Senate Office Building - SD-106


Majority Statements
James M. Inhofe
John Thune
Minority Statements
Joseph I. Lieberman
Max Baucus


Opening Remarks

Panel 1

The Honorable Richard Durbin
U.S. Senator, (D-IL)
The Honorable Maria Cantwell
United States Senator, Washington
Susan Parker Bodine,
Assistant Administrator , Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, U.S. EPA
Katherine N. Probst
Senior Fellow and Director, Risk, Resource, and Environmental Management, Resources for the Future
Dr. Leo Trasande
Assistant Director, Mount Sinai Center for Children's Health and the Environment
Michael W. Steinberg
Superfund Settlements Project
Mr. Robert Spiegel
Edison Wetlands Association
Dr. J. Winston Porter
The Waste Policy Center

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410 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.Washington, DC 20510-6175
phone: 202-224-6176
Minority Office
456 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.Washington, DC 20510-6175
phone: 202-224-8832