Hearings - Hearing
Full Committee Hearing entitled, "Hearing on the Government Accountability Office’s Investigation of EPA’s Efforts to Protect Children’s Health."
Wednesday, March 17, 2010
10:30 AM EDT
EPW Hearing Room - 406 Dirksen
Chairman Barbara Boxer will convene the Full Committee for a hearing on the Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) investigation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) children’s health program. The committee will also examine what can be done to strengthen protections for children.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL) is also expected to give testimony on the federal government’s role in investigating children’s health issues and how that can be improved.


Majority Statements
Barbara Boxer
Minority Statements
James M. Inhofe


Opening Remarks
Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL)

Panel 1
Peter Grevatt Ph.D.
Director, Office of Children’s Health Protection and Environmental Education
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Mr. John Stephenson
Director, Natural Resources and Environment
United States Government Accountability Office

Panel 2
Gina Solomon M.D., M.P.H
Associate Director of the UCSF Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit
Center for Occupational & Environmental Health, University of California at Berkeley
Cynthia F. Bearer M.D., Ph.D.
Board Chair
Children’s Environmental Health Network
Ted Schettler M.D.
Science Director
Science and Environmental Health Network


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