Hearings - Hearing
Full Committee and Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety Joint Hearing entitled, “Legislative Hearing: S. 2995, The Clean Air Act Amendments of 2010.”
Thursday, March 4, 2010
10:00 AM EST
EPW Hearing Room - 406 Dirksen


Majority Statements
Thomas R. Carper
Minority Statements
James M. Inhofe


Opening Remarks

Panel 1
The Honorable Gina McCarthy
Assistant Administrator for the Office of Air and Radiation
United States Environmental Protection Agency

Panel 2
Albert A. Rizzo M.D. FACP, FCCP, D’ABSM
on behalf of the American Lung Association
Michael D. Durham Ph.D., MBA
ADA-ES, Inc.
Collin P. O’Mara
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
John M. McManus
Vice President for Environmental Services
American Electric Power Service Corporation

Majority Office
410 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.Washington, DC 20510-6175
phone: 202-224-6176
Minority Office
456 Dirksen Senate Office Bldg.Washington, DC 20510-6175
phone: 202-224-8832