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June 2013 Hearings
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06/24/2013 Full Committee Business Meeting

The Committee on Environment and Public Works will hold a Business Meeting to consider the following items: • Marilyn A. Brown, Member of the Board of Directors, Tennessee Valley Authority • Richard J. Engler, Member, Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board • Allison M. Macfarlane, Member, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
06/27/2013 Full Committee hearing entitled, “Oversight of Federal Risk Management and Emergency Planning Programs to Prevent and Address Chemical Threats, Including the Events Leading Up to the Explosions in West, TX and Geismar, LA”

Webcast can be accessed by clicking the red “live hearing” icon when the hearing begins at 10:00am ET. Please note that the icon will not appear until 10:00am ET and may require your web browser to be refreshed at that time. Today's webcast can also be found via C-SPAN.org
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