Village of Catlin, IL

April 1, 2003


Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma

Transportation Hearing Chairman 

Chicago, IL 60604.


Dear Senator Inhofe:


Please consider this request for federal funds for the Webster Street bridge project in Catlin, Illinois. The Webster Street Bridge is a narrow bridge with two narrow descending approaches across Butler Branch Creek. The Village of Catlin is growing along a corridor north of the Webster Street Bridge. Two new subdivisions are currently under construction along this corridor. The Village has spent a great deal of money extending water and sewer mains north along this corridor to foster such growth.


Future growth is expected since the Village buried the mains deep enough to extend another 2000 feet north. This bridge is a vital link between the new subdivisions and the Village proper. The new homes will be built by families which will generate more bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular traffic which makes the safety issue all the more important. Webster Street is also an avenue to Danville, Illinois, where many residents work. As changes take place in Tilton, Illinois and the Danville WO works on a beltway around the Danville Urban Area, Webster Street and the bridge will be a vital link between Catlin, as well as other outlying communities, and Danville. The construction of a new bridge will not only improve traffic flow and safety but will also improve the channel flow of the creek, improve surface water drainage and prevent erosion.


The engineer's estimate for the bridge is  $468,000. State Representative Bill Black has sent me an application for a bond grant for $170,000 and County Engineer, Bob Andrews, upon approval of the County Board, will pay one half the cost of the actual bridge. Therefore, the County contribution will be $75,000 and the Village of Catlin will contribute $50,000. This totals $295,000 leaving $173,000 needed to complete the project.


If your committee could match the state contribution of $170,000, this project can be accomplished. Please consider this an official request from the Village of Catlin, Illinois for $170,000 to complete the Webster Street Bridge Project.


Respectfully submitted,


Fred Rinehart, Mayor

Village of Catlin, IL