Jackson County Business Development Corporation

April 2, 2003


Senator James Inhofe

United States Senate

Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510


Dear Senator Inhofe:


I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Jackson County Business Development Corporation. Jackson County is located in the southern portion of Illinois, and consistently lags behind central and northern Illinois in terms of economic development and job opportunities. One of the major factors contributing to this problem is the lack of a modern highway system connecting our area to the greater St. Louis region. The proposed expansion of Illinois Route 127 between Murphysboro and Pinckneyville, Illinois, and eventually to Interstate 64, will give us access to a major mid-west market place, which will immediately translate into economic development and increased job opportunities.


Our organization is fully committed to the completion of this project. A study just completed by the Illinois Department of Transportation has estimated the cost of phase I of the project to be $80 million. Congressman Jerry Costello has requested funds be appropriated for this project in the renewal of the Land Transportation Act. We ask that the request be given serious consideration by the Environmental and Public Works Committee.


If approved, we're confident the appropriation will be an excellent investment with the resultant increased tax revenues created by the increased development activities.


Thank you for your consideration.




Lee Roy Brandon

Executive Director

Jackson County Business Development Corporation