Statement of Senator Warner
Nomination of Terrence L. Bracy as Trustee of the Morris Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy Foundation
September 10, 1998

The Morris K. Udall Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy foundation was established in Congress in 1992 to honor Morris Udall's thirty years of service in the House of Representatives. The Udall Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to educating a new generation of Americans to preserve and protect their national heritage by the recruitment and preparation of individuals skilled in effective environmental public policy conflict resolution, as well as issues related to Native Americans.

Before us today is Terrence L. Bracy renominated to be on the Board of Trustees for the Morris K. Udall Foundation Scholarship and Excellence in National Environmental Policy. As he has served for the last four years as Chair of the Morris K. Udall Foundation's Board of Trustees and had the privilege to serve under Morris K. Udall for 10 years, I find him unequally qualified for this reappointment.

Congressman Udall is known as a man whose career was marked by civility, integrity and consensus. Terry Bracy follows in the footsteps of his previous boss .

Terry Bracy will continue as a member of the board of trustees to focus on increasing recognition of environmental issues, granting undergraduate scholarships for majors in fields related to environmental public policy and to Native Americans and Alaskan natives in fields relating to public policy on Indian reservations. Terry is well acquainted with the issues facing the Alaskan natives, as he worked on the Alaska Native Claims Act, while serving as a legislative assistant for Morris Udall.

Under Terry Bracy's management, I believe that the Morris K. Udall's foundation will continue to identify students in need of college scholarships, fellowships and internships to further this most worthy foundation's goals.

Terry Bracy is a resident of McLean, Virginia

Wife-- Nancy Bracy and Timothy 24 years old

Children--- Michael 30 years old

CEO; Bracy Williams & Company; Washington, D.C.; 1 982-present

Government Affairs Consultant; Alcalde, Henderson O'Bannon & Bracy; Washington, D.C. 1977-1979.

Legislative Assistant; Representative Morris K. Udall; Washington, D.C. 1966-1976.