Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I would like to say a very few words.

First, I appreciate the introductions, and I am happy to be here today, talking with all of you. And I plan to do much more of it than just today, and I want to make sure that you all know that.

I do want to emphasize at the onset a little bit about my career. I know that you mentioned a couple of points on that already, and I just want to emphasize a few other ones.

First and foremost is my personal commitment to public service. This has been my career. I have worked at city government, which is going a little bit further back, but I have 12 years' experience at city government, including doing capital budgets and many other local government activities. And then you mentioned my State service and, obviously, my EPA service to date. The emphasis on public service, the emphasis on working with other people is something that is very important to me and I will continue that in this job if you approve.

Recently, you all know that my style is to understand the importance of inclusive processes, bringing people together to resolve differences, both in the legislative arena as well as the regulatory arena. I am very anxious to continue that process in this new role.

Senator Baucus, you mentioned the Safe Drinking Water Act.

I, too, view that as a very successful work that we have done together in this committee, and everybody here worked on that. That's the kind of work that I hope we can continue to do.

I very much view building bridges and working together as part of the process.

As far as the Air and Radiation job, I'd like to say just a couple of quick opening thoughts about areas of emphasis, and then perhaps we can do some questions and answers.

I view one of the most important things that I can bring to this job over the next several years as to set up success for implementation. There are many implementation issues in the Clean Air Act and for our clean air goals that require constant diligence in working with States, developing sound science, developing the technical tools that we need to get the work done, working with stakeholders and working with Congress. One of my highest priorities is going to be assuring that we're setting the country up for continued success in air quality and pollution control.

Another thing that has been a hallmark of my efforts has been promoting common-sense regulation, and I intend to bring that kind of experience and objective to the clean air program, or my time at the clean air program, including things like flexibility in rules, market-based approaches, and working with State and local governments to develop local decisionmaking.

I know that climate change will be an issue, and I want to make sure that you all know that I am not, in any way, shape, or form, going to be implementing the Kyoto Protocol before it is ratified by the Congress and by the Senate, and I want to make sure you know that. I will continue common-sense discussions with industry and others about making sure that we don't make regulations that go in the wrong direction, or that we continue cost savings and appropriate actions that we've been working on in terms of energy.

I want you also to know that I take very seriously the Government Performance and Results Act. I view management as one of my strong suits. This is something that I have been doing for many, many years, going back to my city experience in budgeting, and I plan to bring that attitude to this job, including working on the Government Performance and Results Act and setting up measurable objectives.

There is also Radiation and Indoor Air as part of the portfolio, and whether it be asthma or radon or working on Yucca Mountain, I plan to put a lot of energy into these things to keep them moving forward as the country needs them to move forward.

Let me just say in closing -- and I'm trying to be very quick here, because you know it's a long list -- Senator Inhofe and I have talked about this. I want to look at the Clean Air Act over the next year or beginning in the next Congress, and I want to say that we're ready and willing to work with you on looking at how we can make improvements and strengthenings of the Clean Air Act. We will be ready and prepared, and I will personally work with the committee and the subcommittee on those issues as they come up.