Senator Jim Inhofe
Confirmation Hearing for Robert Perciasepe
Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation
Thursday October 8, 1998

Thank you Mr. Chairman for scheduling this hearing on such short notice. The process for this nomination has been somewhat contentious and confusing for everyone involved. However, this has not been any reflection on the man being nominated. I am glad we have finally resolved this issue, I suggest we all put it past us and move on.

I am pleased with the renomination of Robert Perciasepe to be the Assistant Administrator for Air. Mr. Perciasepe was formerly the Assistant Administrator for Water and I was very pleased with his work on the reauthorization of the Safe Drinking Water Act. He distinguished himself in that process as being honest, upfront and highly capable.

I had the opportunity to discuss several air issues with Mr. Perciasepe this past July. While I do not think we will always agree on the issues I do think we have started a communications process and we will be able to work together in the future.

While I have several questions I would like to raise, I feel I can safely say that I will be supporting his nomination and I will work to get him confirmed by the Senate before the end of the session.