Statement of Senator Dale Bumpers

Mr. Chairman, I would like to take the opportunity this morning to introduce Greta Joy Dicus. In 1993 the President had the great wisdom to nominate Greta as a member of the United States Enrichment Corporation's board of directors. A little more than two years later she was nominated, and subsequently confirmed, as a Commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Recently, she was nominated to serve a new term. Greta has served the people of the United States in an exemplary fashion and deserves a second term as the NRC enters a very important phase of its existence.

Greta is eminently qualified. One only needs to look at her very impressive resume to know that. In addition to serving as an original member of the board of directors of the Uranium Enrichment Corporation, she was the director of the Division of Radiation Control and Emergency Management of the Arkansas Department of Public Health from 1985-1994. She has also served as the chairman of the Central States Low-Level Radioactive Waste Commission and was Arkansas' liaison with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Chairman, as you know, while the NRC's role in the licensing of new nuclear power plants has greatly been diminished due to the lack of demand for new plants, the NRC plays an extremely important role in ensuring that our existing reactors are operated safely. As the age of our reactors advances, this role is becoming even more pronounced.

Greta has been a role model to all those who would consider public service as a career. I strongly urge thus committee to act on her nomination to serve a full five year term as quickly as possible.

I feel compelled to say that she is not perfect. She was born in Arkansas but chose to go to Texas for her education, and where I come from, that is almost unforgivable.